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The major changes in InfinityMU.
A more detailed list of updates, changes and fixes can be found in the detailed change logs, linked below.


      ∞ New Boss Spawn: Erohim will respawn in 4 spawns in Land of Trials every 6 hours (from the last kill).
Approximate coordinates for respawn:
(he can walk up to 30+ coords in distance from the specified coordinates below)
143 187, 132 46, 43 62, 80 111;
[Read More] about the Castle Siege prizes every week!


      ∞ [Game Update] Ancient Options Fix Released [Read More]


      ∞ [Game Update] Exclusive HD and FPS Game Update November 2021 [Read More]


      ∞ [Website & Game Update] Level Reset [Read More]


      ∞ [Game Update] Exclusive Game Update: Castle Siege System
[Read More]


      ∞ [Game Update] New Spots for Combo training [Read More]


      ∞ [Website Update] Web Code Fixes [Read More]


      ∞ [Game Update] New Launcher [Read More]


      ∞ Various Game Updates 29.1.2021 [Read More]


      ∞ Fixed a bug where guild war would finish within the first kill.
      ∞ Fixed a bug where your second character's page would show up instead first page upon login.
      ∞ Updated Jewel of Extraction - new way to remove yellow option from all ancient items & semi uber (Exc+Anc).
      ∞ Fixed speed bugs on all of the Elf Bows.


      ∞The Guild Master of the main Alliance which won the Castle Siege Event will be rewarded with 120 pcs of F.O. Rings of Wind.


      ∞ New unique feature: Advanced Stats

All "Advanced Stats" are displaying 100% accurate characteristics depending on your set equipment, character stats points, achievements and guild buffs. Few stats are under development which will start to work after release of next game updates due they are not involved as an feature yet in our server.

Currently unsupported and under development stats:


      ∞ Multi Character System

:: 5 unique account sections ::
:: Up to 25 characters in account ::

Multi character system allows you to create up to 25 characters in your account and switch thru 5 pages with the buttons below your characters.

      ∞ HP & SD Bars Feature

All monsters will have HP and players HP+SD bars above them from now on. This feature will guarantee nice look and maximum PVP & PVM enjoyment. Switch ON/OFF with F5.

:: Many Small Tweaks applied & Guld War Fix (no more ending war within 1 kill) ::


      ∞ Achievement System

:: 50 Unique Achievements ::
:: 5 Achievements Power Buffs ::

Achievement points increase your Achievements Power Buff. The higher the level, the stronger your character become. Buff affects the following characteristics: Physical Damage, Wizardry Damage, Maximum Life, Critical and Excellent Damage.

Basically, it means, that now you can level-up your Character Achievements and advance your character, further more in damage, defense and health even if you have the best items and full stats - there's more things to do now! Go ahead and level-up your achievements to the 100% and get your character power upgraded further more!

Rewards for completing an achievement is not only the Power Buffs but also per 1,000 Credits for each achievement completion. Credits reward is applied instantly.

Your current Achievement and Power Buff are displayed and updated in the game in real time.

Information about your Achievements and Achievements Power Buff can be viewed ingame by hitting keyboard button "Page Down" for Buffs and "Page Up" for Achievements.

Detailed guide for all Game Achievements can be found on the following link: click here

      ∞ Guild Power Buff System

All guild members receive a special permanent buff. Buff power is calculated by summing Resets of guild members. Guild Power buff affects the following characteristics: Defense, Damage, Excellent Damage, HP and Experience Gain.

Guild Buff is based on 5 Stages:

Stage 1: 1000 ~ 2000 Resets
Stage 2: 2000 ~ 3000 Resets
Stage 3: 3000 ~ 4000 Resets
Stage 4: 4000 ~ 5000 Resets
Stage 5: Above 5000 Resets

On the last stage the Guilf Power Buff will be on Level 5000 and characteristics as follow:

      ∞ HP,SD,MP,AG :: Bars Visual Bug Fix

:: No more party mode necessary to keep an eye on your real HP! ::

:: The 65535 on character stats bars limitation removed ::

:: No more frustrating Mana bugs causing your Elf, SM, MG and DL not able to cast spells and skills ::

      ∞ New Jewels

Introducing 2 unique new jewels in our lovely server:

1. Jewel of Ancient Harmony - It is used to upgrade your item with random harmony option.
2. Jewel of Extraction - It is used to remove your item harmony option.

The new jewels can be acquired only by Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Maya & Nightmare Event and CryWolf Events, Kundun of Relics, Silver & Gold Medals, Heart of Love, Skeleton King, Red Dragon, Cornucopia Gift Box and Box of Kundun +5 reward.

1. Both jewels success rates are 100%.
1. Using Jewel of Extraction you cannot remove the harmony option of Full Uber Item but only of Semi Uber Item;
2. Using Jewel of Ancient Harmony will change items to randomly Harmony Option with max parameters. The option selected depending on the level of the item.

For example, if your gloves are +3, then you can add one of three options: "+30 Defense increase", "+5 Max HP Increase" or "+5 Max AG Increase".
If the gloves are +13, then you will be available to any option from the category "Armors" and "Damage Decrease Rate +7"

If your item already has a Harmony option, then using Jewel of Ancient Harmony will replace the option with another one. If you need to achieve some specific options, then for the sharpening of one item can go a certain amount of Jewel of Ancient Harmony.

With this stone, you can add Harmony options to Ancient items.

In the game, the Jewel of Ancient Harmony can be knocked out of such monsters as Illusion of Kundun in Kalima 1-7, Golden Tantallos (box of kundun+5), Skeleton King, Red Dragon and Ancalagon including events CryWolf, Maya Event and Blood Castle.

      ∞ Unique CvC (Class vs Class) Balance System

Officially and with bravery we can now say PVP balance has been reached out at 99,98% percents and works individually for any class vs class and possibly developed further more to reach unbelieve results that will change InfinityMU in long-term in order for every character class to enjoy real and perfect PVP balanced gameplay.

The system introduction:
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

At InfinityMU, we have configured each class vs class to have its own damage percent. For example we have decreased the damage done by DW to MG with 40% because MG has very weak defense imunity against DW. This helped us individually to filter the bad PVP between MG and DW. Also we have done changes on the situation MG vs MG and we reached out the perfect possible balance. Further more we have done several other settings for each class vs class formula.

This was made possible by several weeks of testing by InfinityMU Team in various Item Combinations & PVP situations + this new balance class vs class system. We will develop further more to reach the beyond perfection while we take in consideration Items, Harmony Options, Latency, Potting Speed and the actual experience and skills of an player! We keep in touch with most pro players ingame and testing PVP between all classes!

      ∞ Various Small Tweaks

Another small tweaks and fixes were applied to our server and they are:

1. Fixed an bug with HP,MP,Ref excellent options on all new Shields (the only known bug in our server so far has been fixed permanently)
2. Ancient Options Updates:
- In order to reach the best results in PVP we have updated some ancient options and solved several problems with Elf Sets:
- Vicious Set has been improved with 30% Double Damage and 40% Decreases Opponent's Defense Rating- Argo Set replaced option Increase Max HP with Decrease Opponents Defense Rating.
- Ceto, Drak, Gaia, Peize, Odin, Elvian, Argo, Karis, Gywen and Ahruan has been balanced to meet the fair PVP standards.
- Serket Iris and Freya Divine Sets ancient damage options has been increased in order to meet the fair PVP standards.
- Apollo, Banek, Anubis and Meskhenet are no longer able to be combined and mixed (preventing abuses)
3. Vote system has been updated and now can be used with in-game account online.
4. Decay has been configured with very tiny cooldown in order to balance SM in PVP due too fast kills with Decay.
5. Buffs from Buff Master will be auto switched off during Battle Event.
6. Battle Event respawn time has been updated to 2 seconds.
7. Many other small glitches has been fixed on the game.


      ∞ New Castle Siege System
      1. Common Information
     Castle Siege gameplay is absolutely the same (get switches, seal, etc.) but from now the Castle Siege is won by the Team with the most Points at the end of Castle Siege (doesn’t matter if the Team is attacking at the end, it will still win the Castle Siege).

     2. The Main System
Right after the Castle Siege start, the initialization of this system will begin. From the event announcement, the Team with “Defender” status of the Castle will earn 1 Point every 2 seconds. If the defenders lose the crown to attackers, the new defenders will start to earn Points. Basically any Team that have “Defender” status will earn 1 Point every 2 seconds.The only requirement to earn points is applied to the Alliance Guild Master. He must be ONLINE and in Valley of Loren map otherwise the Points will not increase.

Apart from the Defender Points, killers also contribute to their team by killing enemies in the crown room (only crown room and only enemies)
1. Alliance Guild Master Kill = 15 Points
2. Rest of players = 5 Points
3. Alliance kills (friendly fire) will not score any points 

     3. Siege Winner 
At the end of the Castle Siege, the Team with the most Points accumulated will be declared as Castle Siege Winners and doesn’t matter if they seal in the last seconds or they are attackers till the end.
      ∞ [Click here for more details]


      ∞ New Map "Niflheim"
      ∞ New Monster Bosses (2 Draconite Monster Bosses "Ancalagon" and "Lemulia")
      ∞ 5 New Draconite Sets (Tier2)
      ∞ 6 New Weapons
      ∞ 5 New Shields
      ∞ Draconite Event Expansion (1 new Map+Monsters) and coordinates changed for Aida and Kanturu
      ∞ Perseus Dragon Slayer Set animation fix and tweaks
      ∞ Weapon "Asura" design has been updated
      ∞ Jewel of Luck/Ancient/Excellent/Skill design has been renovated
      ∞ New "M" warp locations : Atlans 4 and Niflheim
      Aida2 and Kanturu2 were removed from the list in order to enhance the Draconite Hunter Event
      ∞ Prometheus Grand Soul Set will now use Grand Soul Shield instead of Spellbinder
      ∞ Alviss Set has been updated (+5% DD & 5% Wiz Dmg)
      ∞ Bes Eclipse Set has been updated
      ∞ Meskhenet Eclipse Set was created
      Eclipse Gloves
      Eclipse Boots
      Spellbinder Shield

      ∞ Draconite Sets List
      "Poseidon" Vengeance Set SM+ "Poseidon" Vengeance Staff + "Poseidon" Vengeance Shield

     " Marduk" Babylonian Set BK + "Marduk" Babylonian Sword + "Marduk" Babylonian Shield

      "Cassiopeia Queen" Set ELF + "Cassiopeia" Queen Bow / "Cassiopeia" Queen Sword + "Cassiopeia" Queen Shield

      "Moloch" Sacrifice Set MG + "Moloch" Sacrifice Sword + "Moloch" Sacrifice Shield

      "Thor" Asgard Set DL + "Thor" Asgard Hammer + "Thor" Asgard Shield

      ∞ Lemulia drop has been updated. He will reward you with 1 Draconite and 1 Lemulia's Rudebox instead just Rudebox.
      ∞ Erohim, HellMaine & Ancalagon HP has been doubled. Purpose is to increase the currency "Draconite" in markets and also fight vs bosses in party (guilds etc).
      ∞ All known bugs with the new update was solved.


      ∞ Potion Cool-Down set 150ms instead 100ms for better pvp experience
      ∞ Fixed a problem with Ancient Prometheus Set, where some options wasn't activated properly. Now everything works fine as expected.
      ∞ Fixed few bugs with mixing SM sets to achieve abnormal damage. Just wear each of its kind (sister set) to achieve maximum damage and defense of the ancient/uber rather than combining Bes with Hera for example because it won't work.
      ∞ Updated the Blood Castle Rewards and now it's more oftenly to see the New Jewels as BC prize rather than Sign of Lord.
      ∞ Custom fix from InfinityMU for Anticheat being bypassed has been applied due long waiting for LiveGuard to update their application being bypassed.
      ∞ Fixed a Ancient Set Eplete (not working properly) and mix bugs with Baldr (Baldr+Maahes+Berserker mix fixed), Hera, Myne, Bes, Evis, Anubis and Apollo has been solved and it's no longer possible to unlock all options with 2 set parts.


      ∞ Ancient Set Options Updated as follow:
     Bragi Set Update
     25% DD >>> 30% DD
     20% crit dmg >>> 25% crit dmg
     20% Exc dmg >>> 25% exc dmg
     Baldr Set Update
     25%DD >>> 30% DoubleDamage
     10% exc dmg>> 20% exc Dmg
     Kronos Set Update
     exc dmg rate 35% >>>> 40%
     ignore 10% >>> 15%
     Saturn Set Update
     double dmg 20% >>> 25%
     ADD Increase Shield Defense 20%
      ∞ Blood Castle Reward updated (more oftenly issues new jewels as reward)
      ∞ Updated Floki and Buff Master NPCs with brand new vision


      ∞ Server hosting moved to Canada, Quebec
      ∞ Potions cool-down was set to 100ms
      ∞ Top Players, Guilds, Erohim, Hellmaine, Battle Event rankings were restarted after 10 years
      ∞ Hall of Fame was created [click here]


      ∞ All overpowered ancients combinations were fixed and no longer can be combined to achieve abnormal attack damage!
      ∞ Uber Hyon + Uber Vicious combination back in the game! Uber Hyon improved with 20% dec opponent option instead 15%
      ∞ Auto-updater server host problem was fixed
      ∞ MG PVP power slightly improved due requests from many players
      ∞ Fixed problem with Grand Viper Staff Pink Option


      ∞ New NPC "Buff Master" was created and added to the game! [Read More here] He will offer the players Critical, Defense, Damage, Mana Shield and Swell for 6 hours at a fixed prices in Credits and Gold Credits! Buffs are directly purchased in the game!
      ∞ Maya Hands, Kundun Relics, Box of Kundun+5 and Nightmare drops were updated with all latest armors and weapons!
      ∞ Halloween Pumpkin Set was created and added to the game
      ∞ Maintenance & windows updates were applied to server machine
      ∞ Fixed some known ancient set combinations & options to fit normal gameplay. (Eplete/Berserker/Baldr/Maahes/Hyon/Vicious affected)
      ∞ Fixed a bug where SM damage bugs out when switching some item part or pet and character had to relog or die to gets fixed, now problem is gone for good and relog or death ain't necessary anymore. Same problem with Elf & MG has been solved.


      ∞ Brave, Phaewang, Seraphim, Hades and Destroyer Set were made ancient [read more here]
      ∞ New weapon was created and Added new unique weapon with ancient capability - "Excalibur", ancient name "Arthur's"
      ∞ New ancient item "Arthur's Pendant of Ability" was created
      ∞ Elf Damage has been balanced and it's now optimal for PKing vs all classes
      ∞ Magic Gladiator is now real "Magic Gladiator'...he is powerful in magic damage now and physical damage. We have figoured a way how to fix its spells and skills for optimal damage in PVP vs any class.
      ∞ Dark Lord is back! His powers are restored as the usual. Combo Beta is over and now you are free to rock on with the old damage formula even tho he got combo abilities now! With this update we are proud to say that we managed to balance any class vs class PVP


      ∞ Box of Secrets cost is updated to 2,500 Monster Points (MP) and drop is all new Black Edition Sets.
      ∞ Box of Kundun +5 added in Monster Shop with cost of 100 monster points with chance to drop Jewel of Luck, Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Ancient
      ∞ Morning Star damage was updated.
      ∞ Ancient Vicious Set now requires 4 parts (Helm, Armor, Pants & Ring) instead 3 in order to unlock all options. [Fixing a issue by combining Vicious with Maahes and Garuda]
      ∞ Ancient Bes Set was nerfed and will remain with same set parts: SoD, Eclipse Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves and Boots


      ∞ Combo System was re-build to support all classes as the following combination of skills and spells:
      Lord Emperor :
      Weapon Skill (Force Wave) > Fire Scream > Fire Burst
      Duel Master :
      Weapon Skill (Power Slash) > Fire Slash>Twisting Slash (STR Combo)
      Lightning > Inferno > Flame (ENE Combo - Magic)
      High Elf:
      Weapon Skill(Triple Shot)>Penetration >Ice Arrow
      Grand Master:
      Lightning>Ice storm>Flame
      Lightning>Teleport>Aqua Beam

      ∞ Black Edition Items was created and added to the game: Inquisitor Set, Paladin Set, Hermnia Set, Ahriman Set, Legionnaire Set, Shield of Arcas, Royal Shield, Memnon Shield, Royal Sword, Hermania Bow, Staff of Myhos, Arcane Staff and Ahriman Scepter


      ∞ Almost all of Ancient Sets options were updated to meet the PVP standarts among all character classes.
      ∞ Ancient Set Combo's are now available for SM, Elf and MG classes to be perfectly combined with sister sets such as Odin + Elvian, Sylion + Evis, Banek + Apollo and so on.
      ∞ Kris, Rapier, Lightning Sword, Dark Breaker, Knight Blade, Rune Blade, Morning Star, Dragon Spear, Lord Scepter, Grand Soul Staff, Staff of Destruction durability and power improved and Small Shield Def & Def Rate was improved.
      ∞ Duel System fixed problem where if some player quits the duel by closing game client he will not lose points. Now user will lose points and will be announced that he ran away from the duel.
      ∞ New NPC: Grand Reset Master and System in-game! Lorencia: 143 138 and more Gold Credits as reward for each Grand Reset!
      ∞ Battle Event is now 3 Times Per Day! 8:00, 14:00 and 20:00 UTC+3
      ∞ Battle Event now requires at least 10 registered players to start the event.
      ∞ Fixed problem with error "Data / Local / Mix.bmd - Version not matched." caused by official webzen client installation.


      ∞ Game Duel was updated with critical fix: In case if an player cancel duel he will lose 5 duel points and gold announcement in-game:
      [Duel System] Player1 is ran away from fight with Player2. Duel cancelled at Score1 - Score2
            ∞ All Magic Gladiator and Soul Master Staffs Durability Fixed. You can enjoy PVP With your SM way more
      ∞ Blade Knight's Swell was updated and buff now gives 30% more hp to ELF, MG and SM.


      ∞ New Duel System was created in-game : All players start with 10 points every month
You win or loose 2 points each game
If your points drop to 0 "zero" you won't be able duel anymore until points reset the following month
Maximum 4 duel rooms are available. If all of them are full you need to wait for a duel to finish before you can proceed
      ∞ New Duel Room Map was created
      ∞ All duels will take place in the Duel Room and participants will be automatically warped in and out.
      ∞ New HP & SD Bars available in Duel Mode
      ∞ New Map Lightning in Lost Tower & Dungeon for better visibility
      ∞ Points ranking for Duel Participants
      ∞ Character info upon login : Resets/Grand Resets/Duel points
      ∞ New command to display Info about Duel Opponents : /info "character name" . Example : /info RESiSTANT (note: Player must be online)
      ∞ Damage display is now working 100% and the real damage values are shown without the game limit display of 65.535 values. We can now see the real damage values of combos, double damages etc.
      ∞ Blood Castle Reward is not lootable anymore. Rewards will be given directly in your inventory for each member of the party that won the event. Note : Each party member must click the Archangel in order to end the event and get the rewards. If your inventory is full, the reward will drop on the ground.
      ∞ Devias Map Spawn/Respawn points are all close to the vault
      ∞ New welcome logo messages were created for all maps
      ∞ BK Damage formula Fixes/Tweaks (small gap implemented between minimum and maximum damage). The BK Damage will vary between multiple values and it won't be a constant damage dealer anymore. Reduced 1 shot combo kills rate.
      ∞ Decrease potions delay in server 3 Odin from 150ms to 100ms
      ∞ New spawns for mobs from Draconite Event (they will be random every week because players learn the locations)
      ∞ Various tweaks and improvements to our anticheat module.
      ∞ New Rankings for Draconite Event:
Top 100 Erohim : Top 100 Hellmaine :       ∞ New Rankings was created for Duel's System
Top 100 Duelers :
Intro video with the new Duel System and Duel Map:
      ∞ Fixed an issue where player could warp in duel mode, Warping out of Duel Map is not possible anymore
      ∞ Critical Fix: Canceling duel will result in loosing 2 points. Winner does not get any points if opponent cancels
      ∞ Added Amy the Potion Girl in all Duel Rooms
      ∞ Created Webshop module to buy Duel Points from Webshop in case players reach 0 duel points and that forbids them to play for the corresponding month
      ∞ Webshop was updated with new Change Name module with special symbols like "#" and up to 3 symbols names


      ∞ New event was coded for the game "Battle Event", read more
      ∞ New top 10 web ranking was created:
      ∞ Hell Maine and Erohim defeats count was added to web user panel
      ∞ Game golden announce added when an player defeats 1 of 7 Erohim and 1 of 7 Hell Maine in Draconite Hunter Event.


      ∞ Garuda, Cloud and Warrior Ancient Set Options balanced fix.
      ∞ Added Damage to BK - PvP formula fixed for BK back as in the old days.


      ∞ New Uber Sets created and added to the game:
      Sekhmet Black Dragon Set
      Baldr Dark Phoenix Set
      Prometheus Grand Soul Set
      Nyx Dark Steel Set
      Kronos Great Dragon Set
      Saturn Great Dragon Set
      ∞ New Exclusive (Excellent+Ancient) Uber Sets + Weapons created and added to the game (obtainable only in game):
      Perseus Dragon Slayer Set
      Seth Dark King Set
      Ra Creation Set
      Andromeda Cursed Set
      [read more]
      ∞ All Uber sets from ingame have been reviewed and Ancient options have been tweaked for a better PvP Experience
      ∞ Perfect combinations of sets such as "Hyon"+"Vicious" or "Kantata"+"Rave" or "Anubis"+"Isis" can unlock all the set options from both "sister" sets equipped.
      ∞ Magic Gladiator Base HP & Damage Increase (Probably one of the best Castle Siege Switcher or Sealer) - All servers
      ∞ Elf HP Fix (no more 1 million HP bug) -All servers
      ∞ Swell Buff Capacity increased (more HP) - All servers besides CS server
      ∞ Kalima "dragback" fix (end of the map around Kundun Spawn)
      ∞ Valley of Loren "dragback" fix (Castle Siege Map)
      ∞ Devias Town Revamp with new "Devias Gate PK Area" and many "hangout places" + 2 exclusive warp gates to Devias PK Arena and Illusion PK Arena (available for everyone to enter)
      ∞ Illusion PvP Arena (no CTRL button needed and "D" menu disabled)
      ∞ HellMaine Invasion (Aida Map) ~ 7 Bosses spawn at random locations every 6 hours
      ∞ Erohim Invasion (Kanturu Map) ~ 7 Bosses spawn at random locations every 6 hours
      ∞ New Exclusive Big Event:
      "The Draconite Scavenger Hunt" (view more) :
      One new currency available only in InfinityMU that will be exchanged for unique Uber Sets & Weapons in webshop and of course players will be trading this new Draconite item currency ingame.
      Players must hunt the "dragon" type monsters in the automated invasions "HellMaine" , "Erohim" & "Red Dragon". Bosses will drop "Draconite" (A mythical gemstone taken from the head of a live dragon and believed to have magical properties) that can be exchanged for the exclusive sets.
      All the sets from this event cannot be obtained via donation or via webshop and it's a feature available only for our dedicated players !
      ∞ Crywolf map is now NoN PvP and Dark Elfs + Boss Balgas drop the new Jewels and also each ELF around the pedestals/altars will be rewarded.
      ∞ Crywolf announcement messages fixed (no more double messages)
      ∞ All Big Monsters/Bosses from Events will now reward their slayer with "monster points" that can be exchanged in webshop for credits
      ∞ Monsters from Invasions, Crywolf Event or Maya (Kanturu Event) will reward you with these points.
      ∞ Exchange rate will be 100 Monster points : 100 Credits for Webshop
      ∞ Duel Kings Event revamp:
      New PVP Arena
      New Exclusive Set & Weapons
      Greater rewards
      Monthly Hosting
[View more info about Duel King new features]

      ∞ Messages / Item colors / New Jewels Color (on the ground - no more gray name)
      ∞ Dark Phoenix & Black Draogn Sets can be equipped by MG etc
      ∞ 3d camera fixed by default it's disabled - You can enable it if you want with F9.
      ∞ New Auto Reconnect System for the server:
      If you have ping fluctuations that usualy lead to disconnect or the game server is restarted, you will be automaticaly reloged to the game without client closing (if you don't pay your internet like HGM Dreams the system won't work...sorry)


∞ Monster Points Shop was created and added to the game
∞ Monster Points can be used to buy exclusive items. To do this, press "D" on your keyboard in any safe location in game and click Monster Points Shop. You will see items in there that you can only buy using Monster Points.

This table shows the items you can buy, it's corresponding price in Monster Points currency (MP), and some additional information.

Item Price (Monster Points) Information
Guardian Angel 1000 Pet. Absorbs 20% of Damage, Health +50
Satan 1000 Pet. Increase 30% of attacking & Wizardry Dmg
Horn of Uniria 1000 Pet/Mount.
Horn of Dinorant 1000 Pet/Mount. Increase 15% of Damage. Absorb 10% of Damage.
Box of Secrets 2,500 Drop to get a random Black Edition Set Non-FO Equipment Part.
Cornucopia 500 Drop to get any of these in random: Jewel of AncientJewel of ExcellentJewel of Luck & Jewel of Skill.
Box of Kundun +5 100 Drop to get a random Non-FO Excellent Equipment.


Where to get Monster Points?

Monster Reward Location
Dark Elf (Raid Boss) 50 Monster Points Crywolf Event
Balgass (Raid Boss) 200 Monster Points CryWolf Event
Night Mare (Raid Boss) 200 Monster Points Kantru Event
Left Hand of Maya (Raid Boss) 50 Monster Points Kantru Event
Right Hand of Maya (Raid Boss) 50 Monster Points Kantru Event
Maya (Raid Boss) 50 Monster Points Kantru Event
Lemulia (Raid Boss) 200 Monster Points Draconite Scavenger Event
Ancalagon (Raid Boss) 50 Monster Points Draconite Scavenger Event
Hellmaine (Raid Boss) 50 Monster Points Draconite Scavenger Event
Erohim (Raid Boss) 50 Monster Points Draconite Scavenger Event
White Wizard 35 Monster Points White Wizard Invasion
Red Dragon 25 Monster Points Red Dragon Invasion
Kundun Relics (Raid Boss) 50 Moster Points Kalima 1-7, Refuge, DS 7
Golden Dragon 25 Monster Points Golden Invasion (Noria, Lorencia & Devias)
Golden Lizard King 25 Monster Points Golden Invasion (Atlas)
Golden Tantallos 25 Monster Points Golden Invasion (Tarkan)
Death Skeleton King 10 Monster Point Skeleton Invasion (Noria & Lorencia)
Death Skeleton Bone 10 Monster Point Skeleton Invasion (Noria & Lorencia)
Golden Budge Dragon 15 Monster Point Golden Invasion (Noria & Lorencia)
Golden Goblin 15 Monster Point Golden Invasion (Noria & Lorencia)
Golden Dragon (small) 25 Monster Point Golden Invasion (Noria & Lorencia)
Golden Soldier 10 Monster Point Golden Invasion (Devias)
Golden Titan 10 Monster Point Golden Invasion (Devias)
Golden Vepar 25 Monster Point Golden Invasion (Atlans)
Golden Wheel 10 Monster Point Golden Invasion (Tarkan)

MP Conversion to Credits

Additionally, the Monster Points you earned may be converted to Credits in the Webshop.
Take note that the conversion rate is 1 Monster point is to 1 Credit. For more information, check out the WebShop.


      ∞ New Blood Castle Event Rewards:
      Jewel of Luck
      Jewel of Skill
      Jewel of Excellent
      Jewel of Ancient
      Sign of Lord
      ∞ New Chaos Castle Event Rewards:
      Jewel of Luck
      Jewel of Skill
      Jewel of Excellent
      Jewel of Ancient
      ∞ New CryWolf Event Rewards:
      Jewel of Ancient
      Jewel of Excellent
      Monster Points
      ∞ New Red Dragon Invasion Rewards:
      Regular Jewels
      Jewel of Excellent
      Jewel of Luck
      Monster Points
      ∞ New White Wizards Invasion Rewards:
      A lot of Rena
      Monster Points
      ∞ New White Rabbits Invasion Rewards:
      Lots of Sign of Lord
      ∞ New Skeleton King Random Rewards (Skeleton King Lorencia & Noria Invasion every 1h):
      Jewel of Skill & Jewel of Luck & other random items
      ∞ New Illusion Kundun Random Rewards:
      All Season 4 & Season 7 Sets, Shields & Weapons
      All New Jewels
      All Ancient Sets
      Monster Points
      ∞ New Golden Invasions:
      Box of Kundun +5 Random Rewards:
      All Season 4 & Season 7: Sets, Shields & Weapons
      All New Jewels
      Monster Points
      ∞ New Box of Kundun +4 Rewards:
      Season 3 Sets & Weapons.


      ∞ New Jewel of Luck - It is used to add Luck option to an Item, Success Rate: 50%
      ∞ New Jewel of Skill - It is used to add Skill option to an Weapon or Shield, Success Rate: 50%
      ∞ New Jewel of Ancient - It is used to transform an normal or excellent item to Ancient (Max 1 Exc Opt for an Item to become Ancient), Success Rate: 50%
      ∞ New Jewel of Excellent - It is used for adding excellent options to items (max 3 options), Success Rate: 50%
      ∞ The new jewels can be acquired only by Blood Castle, Chaos Castle and CryWolf Events, Kundun of Relics and Box of Kundun +5 (50% chance) reward for now.


      ∞ Client CPU main process fix


      ∞ Lord Emperor Base HP & Defense Increased
      ∞ Duel Master Base HP Increased
      ∞ Swell Capacity Tweaked (small increasement in value)
      ∞ Small AntiCheat tweaks and fixes for better performances


      ∞ Home page news cached - this will allow a lot more faster website about x3 times faster times website loading.
      ∞ All rankings cached - this will allow rankings to be browsed very fast. In 0.100miliseconds!!!
      ∞ Right sidebar Top Chars/Guilds cached which will guarantee about x3 times faster loading of website)
      ∞ Some bug fixes which were causing some times website data not load from first time. No everything load. Curl problem fixed with website system. If you find any problems with web please contact us asap to [email protected] (reward in exchange for report or even nice feedback! XD Xmas promo)
      ∞ Warehouse System updated - now our web panel is offering up to 10 vaults free for use instead of 5! See it in action... here.


      ∞ All Ancient Sets Options Upgraded;
      ∞ All New Uber "Tartarus Mace of the Emperor" and " Tartarus Ring of Magic" - redesigned SMOK by Dreams for DL Scepter usage. Wearable only by DL. Drops at Land of Trials, Illusion Kundun & Chaos Castle Event (50% chance for drop). Will be reward as F.O. for Events! Screenshots you can see below this post.
      ∞ One-Handed option for all Staffs for Soul Masters & Magic Gladiators with an option to wear a shield for more defense and also all Season 4 and Season 7 shields are made to be pink option capable.
      ∞ New things for the Elfs: Can equip SMOK, some of the axes, spears and 4 Bows will be with overpowered Refinery options. :)
      ∞ New for Magic Gladitors: Flaming Phoenix, Black Dragon & Dark Phoenix Sets wearable by Magic Gladiators;
      ∞ All Staffs & Bows - speed upgraded. Rudolph Set Strength & Agility requirements decreased;
      ∞ Finally the most exclusive update: Uber Ares Set Double Damage +10% & Cyclone Skill instead Lunge;
      ∞ Anti-Cheat Database Library Update;
      ∞ PC Points changed to Monster Points - soon you will be able to exchange your monster points for webshop credits.


      ∞ Anti-Cheat Database Library Update;
      ∞ New Weapon - Flame of Infinity (Credits to our MOD Scarlette for the weapon design and GM Dreams for creating the files for MU client) (new unique purple glowing effect included) (Ancient Set parts: Ares Flame of Infinity & Ares Ring of Ice - more info please visit our webshop at url:;
      ∞ New and Unique Blue Glowing Effect for Mace of the King;
      ∞ Combo with Fenrir exploit fixed;
      ∞ Several texture problems fixed;
      ∞ Most ancient sets options has been improved ✓ updated;
      ∞ New update for Siege server - Land of Trials: Up to 3 Excellent Options drop from Land of Trial monsters instead of Maximum of 2 excellent options for items. Now siege owners will enjoy better prize than before and challenge will be much more in Castle Siege Event. Good luck to all participants.


      ∞ Anti-Cheat Database Library Update.
      ∞ Almost all of the Ancient Set Options were updated. (Check out: - Get Uber Set page for detailed information).
      ∞ Some glitches fixed with reset system in-game NPC - Reset Master such as Sign of Lord being wiped in case you have Rena and collected Sign of Lord. They were wiped because they are the same item id in-game. No more SoL wipe :P :D. Visual glitch with level reset requirement fixed is included on this update.
      ∞ 2 Critical Zone Crash problems fixed. No more unexpected/sudden all players disconnections from the game unless your internet connection is unstable. This update will guarantee our Infinity community a 100% uptime instead of 99% uptime as we have been always guarantee.
      ∞ All of Elf class Gloves speed increased.
      ∞ Lightning Sword & Albatross Bow weapons Attack Speed has been increased to 80.
      ∞ Mana Shield decreased to 60% Max. for SM and 50% Max. for other party members.
      ∞ Some Ancient Sets for SM and Elf were re-coded and optimized for better class damage & def, in case you guys experience any issues with some of their ancient parts please mail us at [email protected] for instant service or use the contact form here.


      ∞ Fixed bug when someone has a duel and the rest players in the guild war can hit players non-stop without receiving any reflect.
      ∞ Mana Shield modified, 50% Max Mana Shield for all kind of class members in party and 75% Max MS for the SM in the party. The purpose is to make wizards more resistant in PvP. Soon their damage will be increased a little bit until find the fair balance.
      ∞ Rena drop slightly decreased from the latest update.


      ∞ Fixed an guild war trade exploit where players can't be using /trade while guild war. This is to stop trade hack and scam..
      ∞ Permanently disabled the buy items feature in Personal Store system due security measure for player's items safety..
      ∞ New Blood Castle and Chaos Castle rankings on the website.
      ∞ New Blood Castle Reward : 50 Gold Credits & 1 Point for the new BC Monthly Ranking on the website.
      ∞ New Chaos Castle Reward : 50 Gold Credits & 1 Point for the new CC Monthly Ranking on the website.
      ∞ New Dungeon PVP Arena. Map Coordinates: 5, 152. Game Masters and Event Masters shall host new PK events there as well as the Devias PVP Arena and Elbeland PVP Arena..
      ∞ New Reset NPC Update: 25 Gold Credits Reward for each Level Reset & new item requirement: 5 Rena's for Level Reset. Rena drop in all maps and by all monsters . Drop rate is 25%. Level Reset is also possible from website - free of charge and of course without 25 gold credits reward..
      ∞ New Monthly Event :: Level Reset Ranking :: with rewards - event ranking on the website. The ranking is is available only for those who use Reset from the game NPC "Reset Master". At the end of every month there will be random rewards (Ubers, Credits aand more) for top 10 players. You will receive +1 Point for the monthly ranking for every Level Reset made through Reset Master in Lorencia.
      ∞ New Agility Hack Exploit Fixed.
      ∞ New Anti-Hack for Level & Stamina..
      ∞ Disabled ALT+F4 for exit the game and disabled key Enter in character selection screen - Use your mous and double click on character! This is to prevent double class login exploit in Season 3 at 100% to prevent wearing two weapons with Dark Lord and skills save bug..
      ∞ Limited Dark Lords pets (dark raven and dark horse) in warehouse - max count is 10 for both, total 20 pets. This is to prevent crash exploit on the server.

Download and Install MU

1. Download InfinityMU - Click Here.

2. Install MU using the InfinityMU Installer.

Connecting to INFINITY MU

1. Sign Up.
2. Run InfinityMU icon from desktop or launcher from InfinityMU folder

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