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# Character Total Kills Total Event Wins
1 Kenshin 475 15
2 Juuga 574 13
3 -$chiz0__ 429 10
4 #AutoStomp 199 6
5 #SolidTeam 193 6
6 DesuYO 192 4
7 Ascorbate 39 2
8 Lotus 36 1
9 OffHax 19 1
10 RedDeviI 33 1
11 V.V. 22 1
12 G4Yx47_!d8 26 1
13 -git 42 1
14 Ixa 54 1
15 #BLESSED! 46 1
16 [*-OneZ-*] 13 1

Next scheduled restart for this ranking is at May 31, 2024

This is 3-Month PVP Ranking for the Battle Event in our server!

Battle Event is unique automated server PVP Event, scheduled 6 times per day Event takes place in Devias PVP Arena and it's announced with global message to all players. Everyone need to type /pvp in order to register while 5 minutes announcements.

Schedule: Every day of the week, at every hour at 20th minute. 

Important Notes:
- Minimum number of 5 registered players for the event to start.
- Registration works by typing in-game command: /pvp
- The Event registration is open only for 5 minutes after announce in-game golden message: "Battle Event will start in 5 minutes!"
- Once you see golden message: "Battle Event has started!" you will be teleported to the battle zone and you have to kill and survive for 7 minutes.
- If your character die, he will respawn within 1 second to the battleground.
- The player with most kills wins the event +1 Win to this Ranking and gets automatically classification for the 3-Month PVP Ranking for Uber Set reward.
- If you wish to give up from event execute command /unpvp if you already typed /pvp command and if the event already has started you can switch character or Re-Log from your account.

Event Time: 8 minutes.
Event Mission: Kill as much as you can to win the event.
Event Rules: Free For All Fight.
Daily Event Prize: 2,000 Gold Credits.
Every 3-Months Prize: Top 1 Player will receive $50.00 in items (e.g. Uber Set Tier-1, Uber Weapon Tier1/Tier2, Uber Accessories Rings/Pendants) by choice except Tier-2 Set/Achievements/GuildBuff and place in Hall of Fame!

Top 2 & Top 3 players shall receive $25.00 in items, achievements or gold credits by their choice.

Consolation prizes: consolations are calculated in this order: if you have 7 wins, you will receive 7,000 Gold Credits for the webshop.

Event Rules:
Please read the rules and follow them in order to win with fairplay.

1. No Teaming, No Trade Abuse, No Kill Feeding, No Buffs but your Own.
Failed to follow and you will be disqualified from the 3 month season event.

2. Players are not allowed to use Npc Buffer or give buffs otherwise they will be disqualified and banned, just use /offbuff command to stop your buffs in case you play Battle Event! Only exception is that you can use your own character class special buff, E.g. BK Swell Buff if you are BK, SM Mana Shield if you are SM, DL Crit Buff in case you are DL;

3. You must attack everyone and if you are reported with video or GM caught you playing in team you will be automatically disqualified from the 3 months event;

4. Party is strictly forbidden in the Battle Event;

5. Players are not allowed to participate for top 3 rewards with other characters if they are already in top 3.

InfinityMU Staff reserves the rights to disqualify any player without any proof.

All character classes are welcome. Good Luck Infinity PK Maniacs!

Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner!

You can check all server events schedule [here]

The winners of March, April & May - Season 4, 2024 are listed ‚Äč HERE

Download and Install MU

1. Download InfinityMU - Click Here.

2. Install MU using the InfinityMU Installer.

Connecting to INFINITY MU

1. Sign Up.
2. Run InfinityMU icon from desktop or launcher from InfinityMU folder


Next Siege: 25/5/2024

  1. Vee

  2. Cob

  3. RallePeng

  4. [GTR]

  5. [VN].STAR

  6. Mashka

  7. LowKo

  8. Carebear

  9. Dzung

  10. gwap1ng


  2. IMFRA

  3. SoMoSMx

  4. NAVY

  5. x0UTLAWx


  7. Senate

  8. Yaky

  9. Saveckij

  10. LEONES



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