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We present a new fresh look

A fresh look

Our previous website dated back to 2008 and was just getting outdated. Thats why the last couple of months, we have been working hard on a complete revamp of our website and panel. And not to mention a completely new logo

First and foremost, we like to think that the whole thing looks a lot nice than the previous design. The website uses a lot of fancy new CSS3 and jQuery tricks and is technically a lot more advanced and clean.

We all appreciate any feedbacks.

Download and Install MU

1. Download InfinityMU - Click Here.

2. Install the MU using the InfinityMU Installer.

Connecting to INFINITY MU

1. Run InfinityMU icon from desktop or mu.exe from InfinityMU folder and register Click Here.

Owner: Reveldia

Next Siege: 25/5/2019

  1. [GTR]

  2. Mixfusion

  3. [END]

  4. [Yami]

  5. Zenox.

  6. UniveRage

  7. #SunnyDays

  8. Otelo,

  9. [-Cross-]

  10. EmDauuu

  1. Antrax

  2. NAVY

  3. x0UTLAWx

  4. Br0th3rS

  5. TeAmOnES

  6. Relax

  7. Quantums

  8. MaduroHp

  9. RedZonee




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