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Spring Promotion Extended

Greetings friends,

We would like to remind you that the Spring Promotion is still active and extended till May 1. Click on more button for more information.


Greetings friends,

We would like to say our apologies about so unstable service we offer this days. Its because some jealous people who is wasting time on attacking to our favourite servers. 

please click the button more to read more ...

We present a new fresh look

Our previous website dated back to 2008 and was just getting outdated. Thats why the last couple of months, we have been working hard on a complete revamp of our website and panel. And not to mention a completely new logo

First and foremost, we like to think that the whole thing looks a lot nice than the previous design. 

Download and Install MU

1. Download InfinityMU - Click Here.

2. Install MU using the InfinityMU Installer.

Connecting to INFINITY MU

1. Sign Up.
2. Run InfinityMU icon from desktop or launcher from InfinityMU folder

Owner: FactioN

Next Siege: 4/2/2023

  1. Vee

  2. Cob

  3. [GTR]

  4. -VIET*NAM-

  5. Dzung

  6. gwap1ng

  7. Lodiculous

  8. Danzoy.

  9. Ra!sAlGhul

  10. Mixfusion

  1. CSNiNE

  2. RICH

  3. NAVY

  4. x0UTLAWx

  5. Senate

  6. MidNight


  8. TeAmOnES

  9. iMp3riAL

  10. L4T1NOS



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