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[Big Event] InfinityMU Got Talent Winners!

Hello Infinitians!

We are glad to announce the winners of the InfinityMU Got Talent (Season 1)
1st Place Winner! - Lost_Maiden
2nd Place Winner! - Execution
3rd Place Winner(s)! Luigir & laptuan

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[Infinity Idol Event] September Winner

Hi friends!

We would like to announce that the winner of Infinity Idol Event of September is Lost_Maiden

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[Big Event] Infinity Ugliest Gear

Well, we live in a capitalism world, where old clothes are considered ugly and dont serves to use, thats the same on the game, when we was at start, real noobs we used those ugly sets, non excellent, +2, +3, and we dont care if we was using a gloves of one set and the pants of the other and if it was ugly, we was focus in other thing, and this event will be to make something different, lets back into the start how we was at the start, do difference is cool! vote banner

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