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# Character Reset Points
1 JlncroNa 486
2 iSwitcher 483
3 Isuel 400
4 LuYhanz 315
5 13mbps 314
7 Skout 274
8 GrandReset 233
9 DLdato 227
10 MSX125 184
Last update was now

Next scheduled restart for this ranking is on January 31, 2016 (00:01 AM /after midnight/ UTC/GMT+3 /Server Time/)

This is monthly level resets ranking. The ranking system is determined by point system. Every level reset in-game thru Reset Master NPC contributes you +1 point to this ranking and an automatic premium reward of 25 Gold Credits for the WebShop to be used right away.

Premium Rewards:
Top 1 player - 1 Full Options Uber Accessory by choice;
Top 2 player - 10 Full Options Accessories Wind;
Top 3 player - 5 Full Options Accessories Wind.

Downloads and Install MU

1. Downloads InfinityMU - Click Here.

2. Install the MU using the InfinityMU Installer.

Connecting to INFINITY MU

1. Run InfinityMU icon from desktop or mu.exe from InfinityMU folder and register Click Here.

Owner: STAG

Next Siege: 21/1/2017


  2. GrumpyFat

  3. One.Of.U$!

  4. BKUnivers

  5. AssassinWu

  6. Louisvv2

  7. jayx3x

  8. KimSa

  9. Legitness

  10. [R][E][D]

  1. imFraWor

  2. Argeenti

  3. RedDragO


  5. VzLaBoyZ

  6. EnErGy

  7. Avast

  8. N0NST0P

  9. TheHoLLo

  10. LOADED


Username is the name of your account, which you will use to log into the game and on the website. Remember that the login is forbidden to use capital letters.

In case of loss or theft of a password, you can restore it only by e-mail addresses to which you registered your account. If possible, try using only gmail or yahoo because they are the most reliable. Never say your password to anyone, even if a person asks for a password, it is scammer. Remember, server administration & game masters never need your password.


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